Goals of the Membership

The Wisconsin Association of Colleges for Teacher Education is a community.  Within our community, we work, together, on the issues that matter most in educator development and preparation.

As an Association, we work to:

  • Provide leadership in promoting teaching as a lifelong profession, one that is the foundation for the social, political and economic strength of Wisconsin communities.
  • Establish an effective voice for teacher education institutions at the state level on matters of policy related to teacher education.
  • Establish a multi-faceted communication system among teacher education institutions and with our stakeholders to facilitate discussion of issues related to teacher preparation and its impact on student learning.
  • Facilitate interaction among teacher education institutions to foster deep understanding of and ability to effectively respond to contemporary issues in education.
  • To provide a vehicle for teacher education institutions within the state to assist the national organization in
    • Developing and defining positions on issues of importance to teacher education.
    • Coalescing support for national policy and activity.
    • Making educational policy recommendations.

We do this work to meet our primary objectives as institutions of teacher education to:

  • Prepare globally-minded teachers who provide leadership in developing a world-class education system in Wisconsin.
  • Prepare teachers who close performance gaps and achieve new levels of excellence and equity in their classrooms.
  • Articulate to prospective teachers the value of teaching as a career that directly impacts student learning and makes a difference in the world.

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